How can personal body cameras be useful for civilians

When you hear the word body cameras you would immediately associate it with police officers. However these are just not used by law enforcement Agencies but can be made for personal use as well.

Public safety with personal body cameras

Despite the fact that body cameras are used by police officers to monitor the situation around them it has now become for men for citizens to begin to wear digital eyewear. One of the major reasons why the public might prefer to use it is its ease of use and the number of benefits which it would provide. Civilians would be able to document their surroundings without having to rely on the police or ceiling mounted CCTV cameras.

If at any instance they are cornered by an assailant they would be easily able to capture their identity because he or she is being recorded from multiple angles at eye level. It would be easy to find out people responsible if they are recorded and the victim is able to hear what they are saying clearly. There would be no loss of footage and therefore investigation would carry on smoothly because the recording of the event was done by a number of different citizens.

If the individuals to carry personal body cameras it gives them the power to determine other citizens or even dormant officials from unlawfully infringing on their Liberty. However using the device which is most effective for recording can be a difficult task because it may have a few negative consequences.

There might also be instances when the general public might become wary of the person who is equipped with a personal body camera. To them it might seem like invasion of the privacy. On the other hand it might act as a deterrent for anybody to come and assault an individual in possession of a personal body camera.

Despite the fact that there would be a strong protest for individuals wearing Visiotech Body Worn Cameras, this can be helpful for gathering and using information which makes it safer for everybody as. This is because the police cannot be at all places at all times. It is also possible that the officers perspective of a certain situation could be only one of the many. If all individuals in the society embrace wearable video Technology for combating criminal behaviour it should be encouraging for the officers as well as for the citizens to use these devices without any problems.

In case of a legal battle there might be a misrepresentation of information or selective information displayed in the court stop this usually happens when only one side has access to the audio video evidence. This means that they would have an upper hand in telling the story the way they want to. this one sided surveillance is often not in the benefit of the other party and might create a conflict of interest.

However when it comes to democratic ideals, it is best to allow ordinary citizens to make use of body cameras as well.

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