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What Type of Mobile Phone Screen Protectors Should You Get?

The beautiful displays of high-end smartphones make you reluctant to cover them with mobile screen protectors. Yet, mobile phone screen protectors are the only means for ensuring the pristine condition of the phone’s display.

A big scratch on the display screen of your phone will stress you no end. The resale value of a scratched phone goes way down when it’s time to swap it for a newer model.

While the solution to protect your phone’s screen is a mobile screen protector, choosing the right one brings its complications. The best way to make the purchase a wise investment is to know the differences between each type of mobile screen protector.

The Distinct Types of Mobile Phone Screen Protectors

Mobile screen protectors come in a wide array of materials, prices, types, and brands. Knowing their qualities helps you choose the right one for your phone.

 Liquid Screen Protectors

Hard to believe, but the market today offers liquid screen protectors. Applying the solution on your phone and buffing it after is claimed the protection claim of liquid screen protectors.

However, it’s a hard claim as the protection layer provided by the liquid screen protectors is so thin; it has no power whatsoever over tough scratches. Another claim is that the product wears off over time is hard to test and tell. Not being able to tell when it’s time to swap or apply another coat of solution is a hard sell.

PET or Polyethylene Terephthalate Screen Protectors

Food containers and water bottles use a kind of plastic known as PET. Using the same element as a screen protector makes them the thinnest, cheapest, and lightest material. They provide a less visible layer of protection once placed over the screen of the phone. However, the lightness of the material also provides the least protection for your phone from impacts and scratches.

Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

Tempered glass has proven its worth when it comes to protecting phones from accidental drops and scratches. Considered as the oldest version of mobile screen protectors, tempered glass has implemented some changes to keep up with the times. The anti-glare and privacy are the newest features provided by tempered glass.

However, people who want an almost invisible phone screen protector may not prefer the thicker glass protectors of tempered glass. Yet, the high visibility and thick glass features of tempered glass have always been spot-on in protecting all types of smartphones.

TPU or Thermoplastic Polyreuthane Screen Protectors

Another old-timer in the field of screen protectors is TPU. The installation involving a spray solution and squeezing out air bubbles is a tremendous pain in the neck. The rubbery texture further aggravates the installation. And the added uneven glare to the screen of the phone makes the TPU an unpopular choice.

Yet, TPU offers an edge for any type of phone. It is flexible, affordable, and, best of all, offers better phone protection than PET.

Choosing the best phone screen protector is achieved when you know and understand its different qualities. However, the liquid screen protector has yet to make good on its claim, just like the other types.

If you ask us, our money is still on tempered glass. It is priced decently, has the smoothest feel, and provides the best protection. Buy iPhone screen protectors from the PTC Shop.

Factors to consider when looking for a mobile phone screen repair shop

Mobile phones have been changing over the years, which has led to the full transformation of their parts and features. However, no matter how advanced these mobile phones are, they get damaged due to some reasons. The phone screen is the most fragile part of any phone but is among the most important features.  Most people do all they can to protect their mobile phones, but it becomes impossible to do it at times. Your phone may slip from your hands and fall, making the screen crack. This means that you have to be prepared to deal with any screen issues that your phone could have.


Why is mobile phone screen repair recommended?

When you look at a cracked phone screen, you may never think that you would ever have your phone looking good again. Fortunately, phone screen repair usually makes sure that you have your phone looking as new as it was when you bought it. This is why you should think of mobile phone screen repair as your first option when you have a cracked screen. Also, phone screen repair is cost-effective and time-saving, unlike replacing your phone with a new one. The other reason why it is recommendable is that repairing your mobile phone screen comes with minimum disruption since you do not have to learn how to use new phone systems, unlike when you have a new phone.


Factors to consider before choosing a phone screen repair shop

Today many phone screen repair shops offer phone screen repair services. This means that whenever you want to have your mobile phone screen repaired, you will always have a phone screen repair shop that offers the services that you need. However, you have to be certain about the shop that you are selecting to have your phone screen repaired. You must pick the right shop no matter how fast you need the screen repair services. For this reason, there are many factors that are necessary to consider when selecting these shops to avoid making any mistakes. These factors include;


  • The phone screen repair quality

Among all the factors that you should think about, the quality of phone screen services that any shop offers is crucial. This is why this is the first thing that you need to find out whenever you are looking for your phone screen repair shop. A reputable phone screen repair shop should have all the necessary tools of work to enable the technicians to have an easy time repairing your screen. They should also record offering high-quality screen repair services to guarantee you that you will get high-quality services.


  • Repair experience

It is also important that you think about the amount of experience the repairers in the shop you select. This is to ensure that you have the most experienced repairer offering you the phone screen services you need.


  • Cost of repair

Consider the amount of money that you will spend on the phone screen repair. It is recommended that you select someone who charges you an amount that you can afford.


  • Time

Check on the time that the technicians in the shop take to complete repairing your phone screen. Some of them will take a short time, while others take longer than you can wait. Make sure that you select PTC Perth when it comes to phone repairs because they can meet the agreed upon deadline.



How Attention To Detail Can Help You Win Customers Over

With any sustaining relationship, the thing that matters is being attentive to the little things, how they accumulate to form a bigger place in the heart? That is what matters and keeps the whole thing going. Similarly, such attentiveness with details can help you win customers over. Running a business is a tricky job as any small error often directs the business towards comprehensive downfall. Hence, it is vital that this small factor does not go unnoticed. There are customer service representatives who can help you with such tasks.

The credibility of the business is an important factor in consideration while people are exploring their options. The thing that progresses the credibility of the business is paying attention to small details. Customers come looking at the precision of the services offered and if they see the small things being done coherently, they will become subjective to choosing you.

Enhanced customer service

A good customer service representative will tell you that your customer service can be enhanced through giving thorough attention towards your customers. Make sure you seek help from recruitment agencies parramatta to hire the best personnel. Some customers prefer being answered all of their buzzing questions while others prefer not to go into too much detail. This certain aspect can only be acquired if you are attentive of what your customers are trying to decipher.

Hiring employees

With the right representative, you can hire all the great employees who are skilled and professional with their deliverance of knowledge. Everyone knows that it is the employee who often deals with customers and if the person you are hiring is out of a rushed decision, then you are indirectly losing customers from your potentially progressive business.

Dealing with unspoken needs

When you go out of the way to treat your customers, you will find them being appreciative of your efforts. This can happen if you take advice from a customer service representative who will recommend you seek out the unspoken needs of your customers. Small gestures like catering to a customer when they come to your office or sending them a holiday card can go a long way, even acknowledging the name of the customer is considered a great gesture on your part.

Treat every customer as your first

If you give every customer the respect and value as if they were the first person to step into your office, then the customers will feel appreciated and will explore the goals of your business more thoroughly. What you should opt for is directing the face of your business towards customer service and you will see the importance of it growing through the achievement of your respective goals. A customer service representative will tell you the same.