Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur, a small business owner, or a non-Aussie who wants to make foreign investments in the country, here are several helpful guides that you can use to make your money grow by doing business in Australia.

Plan & Start by

This is a great resource for anyone who is seeking to start a business in Australia. is an online resource being maintained by the Australian government for the business community. Its Plan & Start section provides an organized, easy-to-understand checklist for starting and planning for your business.

Doing business in Australia: An introductory guide

Available in PDF format, this handy guide provides information that foreign investors need to know before they start investing their money in Australia. The guide was created by PwC, the top auditing and consulting company in Germany. Some of the things you will learn from reading the material include Australian business structures, Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), corporate tax, Goods and Services tax, and personal tax. You will also be oriented on various laws that govern businesses in Australia such as employment, consumer, intellectual property, environmental, and anti-trust and competition laws.

Small business section of

This is a compilation of links to vital information from the Australian government about managing and expanding your business. Some of the guides here have to do with dispute resolution services, digital business, home-based business, insurance, legal help, and useful apps for business owners.

Small Business Loans

It is a quick reference guide to applying for a small business loan in Australia.

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